TX 10 / TX 20 4-channel system amplifiers with on-board DSP, DANTE.

TX 10 / TX 20 4-channel system amplifiers with on-board DSP, DANTE.


TX 10 / TX 20     dfir

4-channel system amplifiers with on-board DSP, DANTE©
plus ethernet interfaces and extensive software.

The NOVA TX10 and TX20 are 4-channel power amplifiers, which offer a unique combination of power and audio performance, seamlessly combined with advanced DSP and network control. The TX10 delivers 2.500 watts per channel or 5.000 watts for a bridged pair. The TX20 delivers 5.000 watts per channel or 10.000 watts for a bridged pair. State of the art components and a finely optimised design results in generous power reserves that ensures pristine sound quality is maintained even under the most extreme conditions.

► Four channels of sonically pure Class D amplification
► Precise 96kHz digital signal processing
► 4th generation SHARC DSP algorithms
► Over‐designed switch mode power supply
► Up to 20.000 watts RMS total output (4 x 5.000 W RMS)
► Full front panel user interface
► Extensive NOVA.Net control software over Ethernet
► Analog, AES3 and digital network audio inputs
► Powerful grouping & multi‐layer EQ
► Powerful drive module speaker-centric presets
► LIR Linear Phase crossovers
► Multi-stage peak & RMS limiters
► Virtual Xover limiter for passive systems
► PEQ & FIR equalisers on all inputs
► Ultra lightweighted (12.5 kg only)
► Full-FIR filtering for precisely stable phases with 768 taps per output channel at 96 kHz

he NOVA.Net „System Engineer“ PC app is much more than just a remote control panel for a TX amplifier. The PC app and any
connected device(s) become intimately intertwined, faithfully duplicating any control adjustments whether they are made in
the application or on the front panel of the device itself. Adjust a gain control on the device, and watch the gain value in the
app smoothly slide in sympathy. Each input and each output can be named in the application. These names not only appear
for the user on the application control panels, but also show when scrolling through the inputs and outputs on the device
itself. Even a firmware update can be made easily via the network.High Speed Interface
The TX amplifiers include a high speed ethernet communications interface that supports DHCP, static-IP and
auto-IP and direct connection to a computer without the need for a router or a switch.AES3 and Digital Networked Audio
The TX amplifiers offer a dual channel AES3 input as standard. The DANTE audio
networking card is available as option


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