MAXLINE M5 3-in-1 line array loudspeaker, powered & passive subwoofer and systems

MAXLINE M5 3-in-1 line array loudspeaker, powered & passive subwoofer and systems


MAXLINE M5  3-in-1 line array loudspeaker

6 x 5” / 2-way premium line array loudspeaker / 800 W (RMS)

The MAXLINE M5 is a groundbreaking professional loudspeaker:
Dynamic, neutral and natural in sound.

The M5 combines the advantages of six different speaker types in a unique way. Professional sound reinforcement was never before simpler, more compact, faster and more flexible. The MAXLINE M5 includes three uncompromising professional line-array speakers in one single cabinet. The groundbreaking FUSION concept combines the line array technology with a hornloaded loudspeaker, a dual coaxial design, the compactness of classic 2-way loudspeakers, the advantages of a satellite system and the flexibility of a large sound system: everything at a height of 53 cm only. The easy handling of the M5 allows the setup or installation of the loudspeaker in a shortest possible time. The range of applications is almost unlimited. The six high-performance 5″ transducers (each with a 1,5″ voice coil), combined with the large midrange horn, enable a reliably powerful operation up from 100 Hz. The planar waveguide is equipped with three BEYMA© TPM4-1750 drivers, which are equipped with 1,75″ voice coils and PM4 polymer diaphragms. Those ensure well-defined dynamics and a particularly high tonal accuracy. The whole M5 construction provides tremendous headroom for maximum of total performance and sound quality at highest level. MAXLINE M5 offers the maximum in every situation, whether as main PA, a delay line, satellite speaker on a tripod, centerfill, sidefill, monitoring or fixed installation.

FUSION concept combines 6 system types in one cabinet
► 6 x 5″ + 3 x 1,75″ transducers (2-way passive)
► Reliable sound pressure from 100 Hz up to 20 kHz
► TRIPLEX technology (three speakers in one housing)
► Highly efficient waveguide (based on ELITE series)
► Dual coaxial construction for perfect signal runtime
► Hornloaded 136 dB sound pressure (long throw operation)
► High load capacity of 800 W (RMS) / 1.600 W (program)
► 100° horizontal coverage (large-area sound distribution)
► 22° vertical coverage (precise, low-reflection)
► Compact design for less loading volume (37 cm width)
► Plug & Play concept for tripod or flown operation
► Easy handling and innovative accessories
► Scalable system (3 speakers = 9 line array units)
► Nearly unlimited applications



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