M 318 SUB 18” / self-powered system subwoofer

M 318 SUB 18” / self-powered system subwoofer


M 318 SUB

18” / self-powered system subwoofer / 2 x 800 W + 1 x 2.500 W (RMS)

The M318SUB self-powered high-performance subwoofer includes everything, that rentals, bands and installers need. The ultra powerful amplifier modules deliver enormous power of 2.500 W (RMS) for the subwoofer channel and additional 2 x 800 W (RMS) for mid/high cabinets. The over-designed switch mode power supplies enable large headroom for the amplifiers even at full power (all channels driven). The high-end 32-bit DSP engine features full FIR filters for all channels and can be controlled by a colored touchscreen display or by NOVA´s FIR DSP MANAGER software. The subwoofer is equipped with a long excursion neodymium transducer. The M318SUB is tuned extremely deep for impressively musical low frequency information.

3 amplifier channels 2 x 800 W (4 ohms) + 1 x 2.500 W (4 ohms) RMS
► Speaker management system with IIR and FIR filters
► Touchscreen display for quick access and full control
► Pre-installed DSP settings (plug and play)
► Outstanding powerful sound
► Precise limiters (speaker protection)
► Hybrid input stage for analog and digital sources
► Connection for passive subwoofer
► Universally applicable (eg with 12″ 2-way cabinets)
► Wide range of accessories



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