EX 301 3 x 5” / 2-way premium vertical array loudspeaker

EX 301 3 x 5” / 2-way premium vertical array loudspeaker


EX 301

3 x 5” / 2-way premium vertical array loudspeaker / 400 W (RMS)

The high-performance EX301 was developed for mobile premium applications and for fixed installation. Attractive and discreet design, uncompromising in the selection of components and unique in sound, the cabinet represents the top-of-class in the segment of compact array systems.

► Outstanding dynamic sound and excellent headroom
► High sound pressure and precise tonal accuracy
► Attractive, elegant and stylish discreet
► Compact and lightweight format
► Uncompromising professional processing
► Renowned, highly modern and well-protected components
► Robust materials for high reliability
► Perfect dispersion of 100° x 25° (HxV)
► Multiple applications
► Wide range of accessories

The EX301 is a 2-way speaker system in a trapezoidal chassis for fixed installations and mobile use. The cabinet is equipped with a 1″ compression driver (1.75″ voice coil), which is mounted on a wave guide. The nominal coverage is 100° x 25° (H x V). The MF/LF frequency range is covered by three powerful 5″ speakers. The EX301 is enormously flexible and suitable for permanent installations as well as MF/HF speaker in sound systems . The chassis is constructed from 12 mm plywood (birch) and covered with black NOVA PolyUrea finish. The cabinet is equipped with a robust front grill and transparent charcoal foam backing. Two speakon connectors (NL4) are mounted at the rear side of the cabinet for signal input (input) and signal link (link). The power rating of the EX301 is 400 W (RMS), the impedance is 8 ohms.





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