EM 12 12” / 2-way ultra-hybrid hornloaded coaxial speaker

EM 12 12” / 2-way ultra-hybrid hornloaded coaxial speaker


EM 12 

70° x   70° (HxV)

12” / 2-way ultra-hybrid hornloaded coaxial speaker / 600W (RMS)

The newly invented cabinet design allows the use of the EM12 as a professional stage monitor with two monitor angles (35° and 55°). The EM12 offers high feedback rejection and is ultra compact. The lightweight EM12 (17 kg only) can operate also as superior mid / high speaker in systems by use of the optional EMB12 U-bracket, placed onto a distance rod or speaker stand. Numerous accessories are available for fixed installation, too. Two aerodynamically designed reflex ports and the superb, passive crossover ensure a balanced transmission of the EM12 at a frequency range from 56 Hz up to 20 kHz. Depending on the application, appropriate presets for digital controllers are available to ensure reliable speaker protection and optimization of the component´s transmission.

In the EM12, the hybrid combination of innovative core technologies transforms a high-performance, coaxial speaker into a pure dynamic engine. The EM12 ultra-hybrid loudspeaker delivers a unique sound experience of the highest class.

► Coaxial arrangement of high-frequency driver/woofer
► Long throw operation due to fully hornloaded design through the entire frequency range
► Exceptionally high sound pressure
► Unmatched dynamic range for increased functionality as a stage monitor
► Ultra-compact and super lightweight of only 17 kg
► Extremely high load capacity of 1.200 W (program)



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