E 218 SUB Dual 18” hornloaded pulse compensated subwoofer

E 218 SUB Dual 18” hornloaded pulse compensated subwoofer


E 218 SUB

Dual 18” hornloaded pulse compensated subwoofer / 2.000W (RMS)

In the world of subwoofers, professionals usually talk about maximum sound pressure, power capability of the components and frequency range. The NOVA E218SUB satisfies all these factors with top values. With a maximum sound pressure level of not less than 140 dB the E218SUB is setting new standards. The technical basis consists of two heavy-duty 18″ transducers, each with a impressive 4″ voice coil. When developing the E218SUB, the NOVA research and development team was working as a pioneer on another highlight, which only a few other manufacturers have talked about.

The dynamic range of music is defined as the difference between the loudest and the quietest tone.  The larger the range between the loudest and the quietest tone, the more levels of volume can be detected and enjoyed much better by the listeners.  The higher the extent of the dynamic range, the closer a band or orchestra sounds to the original. A full orchestra for example, has a dynamic extent of up to 70 dB. The E218SUB has a significant higher dynamic transmission, which leads to an increased detection of different volumes.

► Very high sound pressure (140 dB)
► Ultra-compact format
► Light weight (61.5 kg only)
► Two heavy-duty 18-” transducers (4″ voice coil)
► Extremely high dynamic range
► Pulse compensated construction
► Highly precise bass reproduction



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