CLA-6 And CLA-115A
Active Compact Line-array Speaker System

CLA-6/CLA-115A is a small active compact line array speaker system, specially designed to meet the requirements of high fidelity and ultra-high definition sound reinforcement in small and medium-sized occasions. Combining lightness and flexibility with excellent performance, compact box design and special installation components make installation easy and quick. It can meet the needs of small and medium-sized halls for small professional sound reinforcement systems.

The design of CLA-6 line array speaker is more compact and portable, with better power transmission, clear sound quality and flexible installation. The matching CLA-115A 15-inch active line array subwoofer speaker has a compact structure, high power output and an active subwoofer system that can be hung. Built-in 900W+900W/8Ω two-channel power amplifier module with DSP, full frequency channel can be attached to drive 3 CLA-6 linear array speakers, optimized system application design, use a built-in DSP power amplifier module to drive the entire system, greatly improving the system Economics. Easily achieve the balance of strength and flexibility. The integrated hanging design makes the system stacking and hanging installation convenient and simple. It is an ideal choice for fixed installation places such as multifunctional halls, lecture halls, conference centers, banquet halls, etc. The sound is bright and clear, bringing an unprecedented listening experience to the audience.


Dual 6.5 inch two-way Line-array speaker

Unit configuration: 2×6.5 inch bass, 1×1.75 inch tweeter

Frequency response: 80Hz-20kHz

Rated power: 300W

Sensitivity: 93dB

Maximum sound pressure level: 123dB

Standard impedance: 8Ω

radiation Angle: 110°X 10°

Connection method: 2x Speakon NL4

Dimensions (mm): 513 x 216 x 328 (W x H x D)

Weight: 16.5

The OSL AUDIO CLA-115A active linear array subwoofer has a built-in two-channel power amplifier module with a high-performance digital signal processing system. One full-range channel drives the system’s three CLA-6s, and the remaining one channel drives the ultra-low frequency CLA-115A. With two balanced line inputs and one signal output port, plus one power input and output port, it fully meets the needs of use and is also convenient for system expansion. With the high-performance two-input and two-output DSP digital audio signal processor, various scene parameters can be set according to different application requirements and the number of different speakers. It can be set by the control software and called by quick keys, which greatly simplifies the process of building the system. The full-frequency channel and the ultra-low frequency channel can be independently adjusted in size and proportion, which can achieve the best effect in a very short time. The power amplifier module used by CLA-115A adopts high-efficiency Class D power amplifier circuit design, using L-shaped heat dissipation patent design combined with an integrated cast aluminum back plate with heat dissipation function, so it has high energy conversion efficiency, and the power is up to 900W+ 900W, compact size and stable performance.


15″ active linear array subwoofer speaker

Unit configuration: 15″ active woofer, built-in 900W+900W/8Ω two-channel with DSP power amplifier module, full frequency channel can be attached to promote 3 CLA-6 linear array speaker

frequencies Response: 30Hz-250Hz

Rated power: 600W

Sensitivity: 93dB

Maximum sound pressure level: 126dB

Standard impedance: 8Ω

Size (mm): 513 x 441 x 500 (W x H x D)

Weight: 37.4





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