CX 15 WP 2-way coaxial outdoor & indoor loudspeaker

CX 15 WP 2-way coaxial outdoor & indoor loudspeaker


CX 15 WP

2-way coaxial outdoor & indoor loudspeaker

The Weatherproof CX Series (WP) are passive 2-way systems, specially designed for high quality indoor / outdoor installations. All CX speakers are equipped with high power coaxial speakers for outstanding sound quality and perfect directivity controll. The cabinets are made from plywood with a special weatherproof coating (Polyurea and Fibre Glas) to reach the International Protection Rating IP65. For easy installation a strong mounting bracket with 5° angle adjustment (CX15WP) is included as a standard. For Array applications the CXA array adapter is available as an accessory. The CXA adapter allows the installation of up to five CX speakers in a vertical line.

The CX15WP is a high-grade, coaxial hornloaded 2-way fullrange speaker for professional installation and mobile use. It convinces with its weatherproofed cabinet housing (IP65), wide dispersion, maximum dynamics and excellent, natural sound quality. The coaxial technology allows for a compact design and constant tonal balance over distance, giving the CX15WP smooth coverage for off-axis audiences. The wide radiating high-frequency driver provides a natural sound up to very high frequencies. The integrated passive crossover ensures a well-balanced sound character. The high-frequency section is a high-precision directivity horn which is loaded to a NOVA 1.4″ IT© high precision compression driver with a 2.5″ voice coil. The low-frequency transducer is a 15″ high-power woofer with a 3″ voice coil. The CX15WP was developed for high power applications with very high output at long throw applications. The cabinet is coated with NOVAs highly innovative FIBRE GLAS material, which ensures for a long lasting permanent installation and makes the CX15WP fully UV protected. The cabinet is equipped with a U-bracket for single use (±180° in steps of 5°), which is included in the delivey as standard. The speaker front is protected by a stable, long lasting front grill with and water repellent woven fabric backing (open-cell fibres). The CX15WP meets the requirements of IP65 code (International Protection Rating).


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