While you can’t customize Notepad++ to the degree you can, say, with Emacs or Atom, you can make the editor your own. Even so, I will write a guide, for the sake of thoroughness and completeness. Anyway, if you’re using Notepad++, and you’re pondering a move to Linux, there you have it. Im just a little confused i used a program in college called visual studio where you simply hit f5 and it runs your program. Macros are a very handy tool that can automate boring repetitive tasks.

Also, you’ll often see XML code formatted such that each level of element is indented, as is true in our example. This makes the file easier for humans to read, and does not affect how computers process the code. Let’s look at a basic example of an XML file below. You can also click here to view the file directly in your browser. To the top of my syntax and rerun all tables and charts in one go. The SpellCheckAsYouType plugin provides inline spelling and grammar checking, much like the native browser spell checker, well-integrated with the CKEditor 4 context menu.

Setting a wavy underline

We are taking the network configuration file of IGI 2 for the demonstration. Apache OpenOffice is one of the most renowned office suites. Supporting numerous file formats such as .doc, .docx and .cfg, it is widely used for business purposes of all sizes. Some of the tasks it provides assistance in include word processing, data management, and multimedia presentation. Notepad++ is a text and source code editor for use with Windows. It is very popular especially among web developers for code writing and editing.

Atom comes equipped with cross-platform editing, a built-in package manager, smart autocompletion, find and replace, as well as other features. Visual Studio Code Editor is available in US English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese and many other languages. The app requires very small space on your computer hard disk, but it works great. With help of Visual Studio Code, you can change code page and programming language of the active document. It also features IntelliSense, Debugging, Built-in Git and various extension plug-ins.

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I hope that you will have understood the basic points to create, save, and run HTML and JavaScript files. NetBeans IDE is FREE, open source, and has a worldwide community of users and developers. This is a very easy to use tool and gives you the opportunity to start coding right after the installation with almost everything setup automatically by the tool.


Apps also often hide the mouse cursor because the position of the cursor relative to the screen coordinates isn’t relevant, when manipulating a 3-D object or scene. The Start screen and all the apps you start open in a full screen. Restart the Citrix Workspace app session for the changes to take effect.

It has an elegant scoping mechanism and a minimalistic GUI, allowing you to focus on coding and testing. You can use visual markers to locate the code and get to the appropriate point in a file. This could be possible if the project were a commercial one, but it’s free and open source, so there’s not much of a reason to do so. Notepad++’s compatibility with most plugins would be severely disrupted if it were ported to another operating system. INotepad is one of the notepad alternatives for macOS.

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