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DTP 340 TT

With the DTP 340 TT LEWITT introduces consistently high-performing wired dynamic microphones specifically designed to accurately capture the sound of drums and percussion instruments providing a maximum of acoustic presence and clarity in live sound applications.

Even in high sound pressure level applications, DTP 340 TT reproduces instrumental sounds with sonic detail and character. The super-cardioid polar pattern ensures that side and rear sounds are effectively rejected. Its rugged body and a hardened steel-mesh grille make this microphone highly durable professional gear for performers and audio engineers.


Features and Applications


  Tailored frequency response for powerful yet smooth and natural sound on percussion instruments
  Uniform supercardioid pickup pattern ensures high gain before feedback and maximum isolation of the desired sound source
  Solid full-metal, die-cast body suited for rough daily touring routine
  Highly durable steel mesh grille to prevent wear and abuse
  Corrosion-resistant gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector
  Comes in a cardboard box with foam layers, including DTP 40 Mts shock mount, DTP 40 Mt drum mount and DTP 40 Lb artificial leather bag

Top applications

•  Drums and Percussion // tom tom, hi-hat..

Tech Data

  Acoustical operating principle   dynamic, moving coil
  Directional pattern:   super-cardioid
  Frequency range   40 ... 16.000 Hz
  Sensitivity   1,4 mV / Pa (-57 dBV)
  Rated impedance:   < 500 ohms
  Connector   gold plated 3-pin XLR
  Dimensions   Ø 41 dia. X 94 mm
Ø 1,6 dia. X 3,7 inch
  Net weight   165 g
5,82 oz
  Snare Demo
DTP 340 TT

Official LEWITT Endorsee Sean Winchester demos the DTP 340 TT on a snare. Recorded by Bob Horn
  Tomtom Demo
DTP 340 TT

Official LEWITT Endorsee Sean Winchester demos the LEWITT DTP 340 TT on the toms. Recorded by Bob Horn