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Triad T2

Standard Tripod - The new standard for professional front line microphone stands.
•   Max. Footprint: 24 in.
•   Min. Height: 36 in.
•   Max. Height (legs in Position 4): 71 in.
•   Max. Height (legs in Position 1): 64 in.
•   Collapsed size: 35 in.
•   Weight: 12.25 lbs
  Triad Stands Spec Sheet
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TRIAD Stands utilize professional-grade clutches in lieu of knobs and thumbscrews to adjust and secure shafts and bases. Knurled metal clutch barrels are coated to provide a comfortable ergonomic grip that yields more torque.   Each leg of a TRIAD base has four ratcheted positions that provide a pitch of up to 65 degrees to accommodate 'boom-less' front lines, uneven surfaces and stacking. A foot-actuated latch on each leg provides hands-free adjustability.   The exclusive IO Quick-Change Coupler is standard equipment on all TRIAD Stands. IO effortlessly captures booms and mics with ease and assurance. ‘On-the-fly’ hardware swaps are now a reality, replacing the tedious task of threading booms and mic clips on and off.